Coda is a cryptocurrency protocol that remains decentralized at scale. Synchronizing the chain state with Coda requires receiving less than a megabyte of data, allowing devices like smartphones to securely perform transactions independent of how long the protocol has been running or how many transactions have been performed.

The easiest way to launch and run Coda blockchain infrastructure.

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Bison Trails Cluster

The Platform

Bison Trails is the simply superior enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure platform.

network orchestration


Enterprise-grade, proprietary orchestration technology allows us to dynamically adjust infrastructure, giving you the resources you need to be performant as network participation grows.

self healing cluster


Self-healing infrastructure allows us to deliver you maximum uptime, ensuring that you don’t miss out on network rewards.



Our scalable infrastructure has fine-tuned, granular resource provisioning and controls so we only charge you for what you need as the network matures.



Best in class secret management technology that handles storing and securely transporting your participation keys to your nodes.

monitor your network


Advanced metrics, monitoring and alerting gives you real-time insights into your nodes and allows us to quickly identify and resolve issues.

99.9% platform uptime guarantee. Our secure node clusters are run across multiple geographies and cloud providers.

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