Earn Rewards While Helping Secure Networks

Bison Trails provides the premier infrastructure platform to secure blockchain networks by running highly efficient nodes. By integrating with Coinbase Custody, we enable Coinbase Custody customers to seamlessly delegate their tokens to private or community Polkadot and Celo validators hosted on Bison Trails’ secure infrastructure.

Blockchains are stronger when everyone participates. Putting your tokens to work allows you to earn participatory rewards while securing the network.

How Delegation Works

Our community validators are open to everyone and charge fees as a percentage of rewards. These validators are a great solution for those with a sub-validator level of holdings or those who wish to earn participatory rewards without hosting nodes.

Delegation to Polkadot or Celo validators happens directly through the Coinbase Custody application. Bison Trails customers have access to private, dedicated nodes for their tokens. Not currently a customer? Contact us to set up your private participation node cluster.



Every validator in the active set for Polkadot receives the same amount of DOTs for equal work. Investors with sizeable holdings of DOT can distribute their stake and run multiple validators to increase their participatory rewards.

Bison Trails’ platform is built for complex rewards systems like Polkadot. Soon we’ll automatically scale the number of validators for your account, distributing your stake to increase their presence in the elected validator set, mitigate slashing risk, and increase your network participation.



As an infrastructure provider in the Celo Alliance for Prosperity, we are responsible for keeping identity, assets, and the network secure. As a “master validator,” a key benefit of Bison Trails is our ability to help node operators understand and react to changing prices for becoming part of the active set.

Interested in Delegating on Other Protocols?

Have tokens on other networks? Learn more about delegating to our community validators on Cosmo, Edgeware, Kusama, and Livepeer. We also offer dedicated participation clusters. Get in touch.


As a Coinbase Custody customer, how will I know that the delegation was successful?

If you are a Bison Trails customer, you can track the activity of your validator on a block explorer using the address provided within your Bison Trails account (Polkadot Explorer, Celo Explorer).

For Coinbase Custody customers delegating to Bison Trails’ community validators, you will need to confirm that delegation worked as expected with Coinbase Custody.

How does Bison Trails’ Polkadot commission work?

Bison Trails charges a 10% commission on all Polkadot rewards earned by tokens delegated to our validator. The commission is paid to Bison Trails automatically by the protocol. You can then withdraw your rewards from the protocol directly.

As a Coinbase Custody client, how will I know I am delegating to my Bison Trails validators?

In the Coinbase Custody application, you can view your Bison Trails validators as you stake a DOT wallet. After selecting your validators, you confirm their names and addresses on the confirmation screen before initiating your delegation. If your validators are not being shown correctly, please contact us.

How do I stop delegating?

You can unbound your tokens via the Coinbase Custody application.

Who should I contact for help?

Bison Trails’ customers can contact us directly with any questions.

Bison Trails offers a dedicated protocol ops team supported by our enterprise-grade platform. We’ll keep you informed about protocol developments, opportunities for additional participation in the network, and enable you to participate in any upcoming governance decisions.
Our platform comes with 24/7 alerting services for our on-call staff of engineers.

If you delegate to our community validator, Bison Trails offers enhanced support for Coinbase Custody customers. Contact us for more information.

Contact us!

Please review our Digital Asset Rights Delegation Agreement.

Why Delegate With Bison Trails

We designed our participation infrastructure for multi-billion dollar investment funds who need enterprise-grade security and strict uptime commitments. Now you can securely stake your tokens with Bison Trails’ non-custodial public validators, offering the same enterprise-grade infrastructure we’re known for.


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