Earn Rewards While Helping Secure Networks

Bison Trails provides the premier infrastructure platform to secure blockchain networks by running highly efficient nodes. By integrating with Coinbase Custody, we enable customers to seamlessly delegate their tokens to private or public Polkadot and Solana validators hosted on Bison Trails’ secure infrastructure.

Blockchains are stronger when everyone participates. Putting your tokens to work allows you to earn participatory rewards while securing the network.

How Delegation Works

Our public validators are open to everyone and charge fees as a percentage of rewards. These validators are a great solution for those with a sub-validator level of holdings or those who wish to earn participatory rewards without hosting nodes.

Delegation to Polkadot or Solana validators happens directly through the Coinbase Custody application. Bison Trails customers have access to private, dedicated nodes for their tokens. Not currently a customer? Contact us to set up your private participation node cluster.



Every validator in the active set for Polkadot receives the same amount of DOTs for equal work. Investors with sizeable holdings of DOT can distribute their stake and run multiple validators to increase their participatory rewards.

The Bison Trails platform is built for complex rewards systems like Polkadot. Soon we’ll automatically scale the number of validators for your account up or down depending on network economics. This would lead to an optimized distribution of your stake and increased network participation by maximizing the number of validators you could have elected to the active set. The allocation of your stake across multiple validators would also minimize slashing losses as the network slashes a fixed percentage, rather than amount, of stake per validator.



The Solana team sets extremely high expectations for themselves and their technology, which impacts infrastructure providers on their network. Their validators and archiver nodes require powerful machines, high bandwidth, and the very highest standards and practices. Bison Trails provides a platform that runs this type of enterprise-grade infrastructure and is uniquely positioned to support Solana’s token holders and network participants in running nodes.

Currently you can run your own validators with Bison Trails or delegate to our public validator. As additional features like archiver clients and storage rent come online, Bison Trails customers will be able to run additional infrastructure to support the network and earn participatory rewards.



By delegating to the Bison Trails’ validator group, CBC customers have access to premier, secure Celo infrastructure. Celo validator groups have dynamic caps on the number of tokens that can be delegated to them. Bison Trails manages this process by adjusting the number of validators in the Bison Trails validator group. This enables CBC customers, and other CELO token holders, who delegate to Bison Trails to earn uninterrupted rewards.

Bison Trails also helps protect CBC customers. There is no slashing risk for delegators on Celo—except with respect to bonded tokens—so CBC customers wouldn’t be at risk of losing their CELO as a result of a slashing event. Instead, Bison Trails has put up CELO bonds for the protocol, which are at risk of slashing, so we assume the slashing risk on behalf of our customers.

Interested in Delegating on Other Protocols?

Have tokens on other networks? Learn more about delegating to our public validators on Cosmos, Edgeware, Kusama, and Livepeer. We also offer dedicated participation clusters. Get in touch.


As a Coinbase Custody customer, how will I know that the delegation was successful?

If you are a Bison Trails customer, you can track the activity of your validator on a block explorer using the address provided within your Bison Trails account (Polkadot Explorer or Solana Explorer).

For Coinbase Custody customers delegating to Bison Trails’ public validators, you will need to confirm that delegation worked as expected with Coinbase Custody.

How does Bison Trails’ service fee work?

Bison Trails charges a 8% service fee on all rewards earned by tokens delegated to our public validators on Polkadot and Solana. The service fee is paid to Bison Trails automatically by the protocol.

There is no service fee collected automatically for Celo. By design of the network, all CELO rewards go directly from the protocol to the customer. Validators on the Celo network are compensated directly by the protocol in Celo Dollars (cUSD), a stablecoin.

As a Coinbase Custody client, how will I know I am delegating to my Bison Trails validators?

In the Coinbase Custody application, you can view your Bison Trails validators as you stake a wallet. After selecting your validators, you confirm their names and addresses on the confirmation screen before initiating your delegation. If your validators are not being shown correctly, please contact us.

How and when will I receive my rewards?

The Polkadot network currently requires rewards and payouts to be called manually. Bison Trails performs these calls for you on a weekly basis. It is possible a rewards call will happen more than once a week as any account willing to pay the transaction fee can call rewards at any time.

If you are delegating to your own node, the rewards on your stake will go directly to your CBC stash account when rewards are called. The rewards earned from service fees on outside delegations to your node will go to the reward destination you provided to Bison Trails when payouts are called.

If you are delegating to the Bison Trails public nodes, your rewards will be deposited directly in your CBC stash account when rewards are called.

The Celo network is designed to automatically distribute rewards to voters after an epoch has ended. This means that your CELO balance will increase daily as these rewards compound automatically on your account. Because rewards are automatically restaked, they must also go through a 3-day unbonding period in order to become transferable.

How do I stop delegating?

You can unbond your tokens via the Coinbase Custody application. Be aware, there is an unbonding period of 28 days on Polkadot during which your funds cannot be used to earn rewards.

Who should I contact for help?

Bison Trails’ customers can contact us directly with any questions.

Bison Trails offers a dedicated protocol ops team supported by our enterprise-grade platform. We’ll keep you informed about protocol developments, opportunities for additional participation in the network, and enable you to participate in any upcoming governance decisions.
 Our platform comes with 24/7 alerting services for our on-call staff of engineers.

If you delegate to our public validator, Bison Trails offers enhanced support for Coinbase Custody customers. Contact us for more information.

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Why Delegate With Bison Trails

We designed our participation infrastructure for multi-billion dollar investment funds who need enterprise-grade security and strict uptime commitments. Now you can securely stake your tokens with Bison Trails’ non-custodial public validators, offering the same enterprise-grade infrastructure we’re known for.


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