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Bison Trails’ Validator Identity


Bison Trails’ Validator Vote Account Address


Minimum Tokens to Delegate


Warm Up Period

2 days

Unbonding Period

2 days

Delegation Instructions

Before you start

Please be sure you have created a stake account (different than a wallet address) in a supported wallet. Currently, staking is only supported by wallets that interact with Solana command line tools, such as Ledger Nano S and paper wallet. If you need help creating a staking account, follow this guide.

1. Delegate Your Sol to Our Validator Node

  1. Open your stake account on a supported wallet
  2. Use Bison Trails’ vote account address beefKGBWeSpHzYBHZXwp5So7wdQGX6mu4ZHCsH3uTar in solana delegate-stake

    solana delegate-stake --stake-authority <KEYPAIR> <STAKE_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS> <VOTE_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS> \

    --fee-payer <KEYPAIR>

2. View Your Delegation

  1. Use solana stake-account to see the changes in your stake account.

    solana stake-account <STAKE_ACCOUNT_ADDRESS>

Congratulations! You are now delegating to the Bison Trails validator.


What is Solana’s Inflation and Reward Rate?

Inflation and rewards are not currently enabled on Solana’s Mainnet Beta network but may be in the future.

What are the risks associated with delegating?

Slashing is not currently enabled on Solana’s Mainnet Beta network but may be in the future.

Anything else I should know?

Learn more about Bison Trails and how our platform minimizes the risks of slashing on other protocols. Please also review our full Digital Asset Rights Delegation Agreement.

Bison Trails

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If you have questions, or if you are interested in running a validator on the Bison Trails platform, please contact us. Our protocol specialists are happy to assist you.