Get your decentralized network up and running securely, effortlessly.

We work closely with protocols from the earliest stages of development to help get their network up and running. We make it easier for your token holders to run their own nodes, and we run community nodes to give back to the project.



Get the most participation

Make it easy for your token holders to set up their own nodes and keep your network truly decentralized.

secure private nodes

Community nodes, for the community

Focus on building your platform. We’ll run your community nodes for free. We will donate rewards from our Bison Trails nodes back to the community through grant programs and issue bounties.

secure private nodes

Run your test-net

Run your earliest test-net in a production environment and put your protocol design to the test.

secure private nodes

Contact support or +1.844.675.5575 with questions and for pricing information. View our help center.