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Jun 5 2020 / protocols

Keep Active Participation

If you choose to bond ETH on Keep, it is critical to understand how collateralization and liquidation work, and what to do if a deposit you are securing becomes undercollateralized.

Jun 4 2020 / newsletter

Bison Trails Newsletter 004 • May 2020

Info on our detailed Polkadot Token Economics explainer, a look at why we joined Celo’s Alliance for Prosperity, our recent announcement supporting the Proof of Stake Alliance’s industry guidance to staking providers, and much more...

May 20 2020 / perspectives

The Artistic Application of Blockchain: NFTs

A Q&A on NFTs (non-fungible tokens) with Trinity Montoya, a Bison Trails Protocol Engineer

May 12 2020 / news

Industry Leaders Collaborate to Create Principles to Guide Staking Providers

May 10 2020 / protocols

Polkadot Token Economics

An overview of validator rewards and how Polkadot token holders are incentivized to participate in the earliest days of the network

May 8 2020 / perspectives

Opinion: Proof of Stake, Taxation, and Innovation

How revisiting U.S. tax law to better address the emerging Proof of Stake ecosystem can foster innovation

May 6 2020 / protocols

Bison Trails Supports Celo and the Alliance for Prosperity

May 4 2020 / newsletter

Bison Trails Newsletter 003 • Apr 2020

Updates on Keep’s Stake Drop, NuCypher’s WorkLock, our collaboration with Coinbase Custody enabling secure Polkadot staking, and more!

Apr 26 2020 / protocols

Bison Trails Announces Support for Keep

Support for the Keep protocol on the Bison Trails platform will allow ETH holders to participate in Keep’s “Stake Drop,” bringing BTC closer to on-chain usage in DeFi applications. Reward distribution begins May 13th!

Apr 24 2020 / perspectives

Why We Believe in Libra

We joined the Libra Association in October of 2019 as an initial member because we see the potential to drive massive adoption of crypto around the world.

Apr 21 2020 / protocols

ETH Enthusiasts: An Invitation to Participate in NuCypher’s WorkLock

With mere weeks before the launch of NuCypher’s WorkLock, now is the time for ETH enthusiasts to get involved.

Apr 14 2020 / news

Bison Trails Announces Collaboration with Coinbase Custody to Enable Secure Polkadot Staking

This integration combines Coinbase Custody’s institutional-grade offline storage solution with the Bison Trails infrastructure platform, allowing Coinbase Custody clients to seamlessly stake their DOT to Bison Trails’ validators.

Apr 3 2020 / newsletter

Bison Trails Newsletter 002 • Mar 2020

A lot changed here in New York City in the last month.

Apr 2 2020 / protocols

Bison Trails Announces Support for NuCypher and WorkLock

Through a strategic integration, Bison Trails and NuCypher will bring cryptographic infrastructure to users globally while scaling the network securely and supporting WorkLock, NuCypher’s innovative token distribution mechanism.

Mar 25 2020 / protocols

Bison Trails Announces Support for Solana

Building on a year of experience working with the Solana team and protocol, we are excited to now support Solana token holders with the Bison Trails platform. Run your own validators or delegate to our validator at mainnet launch. Help secure the network and earn participatory rewards!

Feb 27 2020 / newsletter

Bison Trails Newsletter 001 • Feb 2020

Welcome to the inaugural Bison Trails newsletter!

Feb 26 2020 / protocols

Bison Trails Announces Support for Polkadot

We’re very excited to announce Bison Trails will support Polkadot at launch and we’ll continue to support node operators on Kusama!

Feb 24 2020 / community

ETHDenver 2020 Recap

Viktor Bunin reflects on what makes ETHDenver special, some of the challenges organizers faced using DAOs for judging the hackathon, the bZx event, and his favorite moments from the conference.

Feb 17 2020 / announcement

Bison Trails Adds Ontology (ONT) Nodes to the Platform

This strategic integration allows seamless deployment of Ontology nodes for enterprise companies

Jan 30 2020 / news

Coinbase Custody and Bison Trails Join Proof of Stake Alliance

Coinbase Custody and Bison Trails join Tezos, Interchain Foundation, Web3 Foundation, and others to support the critical mission of the Alliance

Jan 2 2020 / protocols

The Bison Trails Platform Supports Edgeware

We’re excited to announce that the Bison Trails infrastructure platform supports running validator nodes on Edgeware!

Nov 19 2019 / news

Bison Trails Secures $25.5 Million Series A Financing Round Led by Blockchain Capital

Oct 31 2019 / platform

Don't Get Slashed! Use Bison Trails

Jun 19 2019 / protocols

Bison Trails is Supporting Algorand’s Mainnet Launch

Jun 18 2019 / perspectives

Bison Trails is Proud to be Part of the Libra Initiative

Jun 5 2019 / perspectives

The Challenges of Running Blockchain Infrastructure

Mar 15 2019 / news

Introducing Bison Trails

The World’s First Infrastructure-as-a-Service Company Designed for Next-Generation Blockchain Networks.


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