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About once a month, we'll share brief highlights of our work with new protocols, progress on our company’s initiatives like the Libra Association, updates on our pioneering infrastructure technology, notable media mentions, as well as interesting and relevant links curated by our team. See recent newsletters below.

Recent Newsletters

Jan 14 2021 / newsletter

Bison Trails newsletter 011

Support for Terra, what the OCC news means for US banks and blockchain, Crypto·com enlists Bison Trails, and much more!

Dec 10 2020 / newsletter

Bison Trails newsletter 010 • November 2020

Highlights from eth2’s genesis, the launch of QT Archival and Diem QT, plus a new participation option for CELO holders

Nov 10 2020 / newsletter

Bison Trails newsletter 009 • October 2020

In the last month, we introduced QT to the world, powered the NuCypher WorkLock for CoinList, prepared for the widely anticipated eth2 mainnet launch, and published a series of deep dives into data from the Medalla testnet. Read on for details and more news from the herd.

Oct 13 2020 / newsletter

Bison Trails newsletter 008 • September 2020

In September, we announced support for the Oasis Network, launched new monthly eth2 and Substrate ecosystem updates, published our first customer story, and proposed a set of criteria via governance to move the NEAR network forward to a fully decentralized mainnet launch

Sep 16 2020 / newsletter

Bison Trails newsletter 007 • August 2020

In August, we announced our integration with Coinbase Custody to enable secure SOL staking, our Double Signing Protection software, and we published an updated guide to the NuCypher WorkLock

Aug 5 2020 / newsletter

Bison Trails newsletter 006 • July 2020

In July, we welcomed Elizabeth Ralston to the herd as General Counsel, partnered with CoinList to support the launch of CoinList Pro, submitted our first governance proposal, and a lot more

Jul 9 2020 / newsletter

Bison Trails newsletter 005 • June 2020

This edition of the Bison Trails monthly newsletter includes info on the suite of products we will offer to support eth2, our Polkadot managed controllers, our guides to NEAR and the protocol’s token economics, and our in-depth guide to Keep active participation

Jun 4 2020 / newsletter

Bison Trails newsletter 004 • May 2020

Info on our detailed Polkadot Token Economics explainer, a look at why we joined Celo’s Alliance for Prosperity, our recent announcement supporting the Proof of Stake Alliance’s industry guidance to staking providers, and much more...

May 4 2020 / newsletter

Bison Trails newsletter 003 • Apr 2020

Updates on Keep’s Stake Drop, NuCypher’s WorkLock, our collaboration with Coinbase Custody enabling secure Polkadot staking, and more!

Apr 3 2020 / newsletter

Bison Trails newsletter 002 • Mar 2020

A lot changed here in New York City in the last month

Feb 27 2020 / newsletter

Bison Trails newsletter 001 • Feb 2020

Welcome to the inaugural Bison Trails newsletter!


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