Bison Trails newsletter 004 • May 2020

Info on our detailed Polkadot Token Economics explainer, a look at why we joined Celo’s Alliance for Prosperity, our recent announcement supporting the Proof of Stake Alliance’s industry guidance to staking providers, and much more...

Bison Trails newsletter 004 • May 2020

By Mark Forscher · Jun 4 2020

This edition of Bison Trails’ newsletter includes info on our detailed Polkadot Token Economics explainer, a look at why we joined Celo’s Alliance for Prosperity, our recent announcement supporting the Proof of Stake Alliance’s industry guidance to staking providers, and much more...

Company News

Polkadot Token Economics

1. Polkadot Token Economics

Read our overview of Polkadot’s token economics, including insights into validator rewards, to learn how Polkadot token holders are incentivized to participate in the early days of the network. Contact us for information about running validating nodes on the Bison Trails platform.

If you’re a Coinbase Custody customer, learn more about seamlessly staking DOTs to Bison Trails’ validators.

2. Bison Trails Supports Celo and the Alliance for Prosperity

We joined the Celo Alliance for Prosperity as a founding member because of our shared vision of a world in which intuitive technology lowers the barriers to participation in more inclusive financial systems. With Celo’s recent mainnet launch, we’re excited to announce support for Celo on the Bison Trails platform.

If you’re a Celo Gold token holder, you can run your own group and validators or delegate to the Bison Trails validator group. Bison Trails assists our dedicated Celo node customers in understanding and reacting to the changing prices to be part of the active set, and optimizing participation in the network. Read our extensive guide to Celo, including details of Celo’s economics and governance.

"By building support for stablecoins into the protocol, Celo is addressing a key use case at mainnet launch. From day one, wallet users will be able to transact easily on Celo." —AARON HENSHAW, CTO AND COFOUNDER OF BISON TRAILS

3. Industry Leaders Collaborate to Create Principles to Guide Staking Providers

Bison Trails is proud to be a member of the Proof of Stake Alliance and we're happy to share the organization’s new industry-driven principles to guide staking providers, created with input from Polychain Capital, Coinbase Custody, and Bison Trails. Read Coindesk’s coverage.

“As blockchain and Proof of Stake protocols transform the digital economy, it is becoming increasingly important that professional infrastructure providers demonstrate a more proactive commitment to upholding their responsibilities within the ecosystem.” —JOE LALLOUZ, CEO AND COFOUNDER OF BISON TRAILS

4. The Artistic Application of Blockchain: NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are “unique, digital items with blockchain-managed ownership” including everything from collectibles to games to digital art. Trinity Montoya, a protocol engineer at Bison Trails, has developed a particular interest in the development, evolution, and potential for NFTs. We asked her about NFTs and what to keep our eyes on as this market continues to grow.

“The ability to attach smart contracts to the sale of NFTs can allow for infinitely paying royalties, a game-changer for creatives who are traditionally only paid once, while other people profit off future resales.” —Trinity Montoya

We're Hiring

Bison Trails is a fully distributed team, deeply committed to the long term success of the blockchain ecosystem. We're hiring for an Experienced DevOps Engineer, Protocol Specialist, Customer Success Specialist, Content Strategist and more! Check out our careers page for more information on these remote-friendly positions (must be based in the US).

More from the Herd

  1. Monday, June 1st at 10pm ET: Don’t miss Joe’s #MAINNET2020 panel on “Moon Math & Capitalism 2.0” with Andy Bromberg of CoinList, Hart Lambur of UMA, and Matthew Roszak of Bloq.
  2. 🌐 Learn why Bison Trails joined both the Libra Association and the Celo Alliance for Prosperity in this interview with Joe in Decrypt
  3. ⚖️ "To drive the technological innovation and growth of this new financial ecosystem, tax laws need to be crafted with a deep understanding of the underlying technology and the incentives of these new networks”—Evan Weiss, Chief of Staff of Bison Trails on the need to revisit U.S. tax law to better address the emerging Proof of Stake ecosystem to foster innovation. Read more in Cointelegraph.
  4. 📺 Watch Joe’s engaging interview with Ryan Selkis, founder of Messari, to learn more about all things infrastructure and why Joe thinks people are still underestimating the scale of Libra and its potential.
  5. ♠️ Viktor Bunin, Protocol Specialist at Bison Trails, was recently announced as one of Keep’s first 3 judges for “Playing for Keeps” (a chance to learn to stake and win KEEP tokens by contributing to the community). Viktor was also a judge of ETHGlobal’s #HackMoney event.
  6. 🔪 Read our co-founder and CTO, Aaron Henshaw’s, thoughts on Bitcoin’s recent halving event in Decrypt.

Ecosystem News

  • Polkadot’s Chain Candidate 1 (PoA) launched and there’s a new testnet for Polkadot and Kusama (Westend)!
  • In Libra news: Stuart Levey was appointed as CEO and Robert Werner as General Counsel. Calibra—the Facebook subsidiary and Libra wallet provider—rebranded as Novi to avoid confusion with the Libra name. Plus Temasek, Paradigm, and Slow joined the Libra Association. "Adding Temasek brings a new scale and type of investor, in particular from a geography where the Libra Association isn’t as well represented...a very strong benefit to the Libra Association and the project’s global reach and impact" —Joe in Cointelegraph.
  • The Celo dutch auction successfully sold out on CoinList, raising $10M in roughly 12 hours from “a diverse set of purchasers across 62 countries” and Celo RC1 is now Celo Mainnet.
  • Keep published an extensive incident analysis of May 18th’s tBTC pause.
  • We voted “YES” on this Livepeer governance proposal.
  • Binance America joined the Proof of Stake Alliance.
  • Institutional crypto prime brokerage platform Tagomi was acquired by Coinbase.
  • “Fed Up With Its Fork of Stellar, Kin Is Looking to Move Onto Solana
“At Bison Trails, we believe building robust blockchain infrastructure, that keeps networks decentralized and enables them to scale securely, is critical to their success.” —JOE IN MODERN CONSENSUS

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In January, 2021, we announced Bison Trails joined Coinbase to accelerate our mission to provide easy-to-use blockchain infrastructure, now as a standalone product line. The Bison Trails platform will continue to support our customers. With Coinbase’s backing, we will enhance our infrastructure platform and make it even easier to participate in decentralized networks and build applications that connect to blockchain data.

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