Bison Trails newsletter 009 • October 2020

In the last month, we introduced QT to the world, powered the NuCypher WorkLock for CoinList, prepared for the widely anticipated eth2 mainnet launch, and published a series of deep dives into data from the Medalla testnet. Read on for details and more news from the herd.

Bison Trails newsletter 009 • October 2020

By Mark Forscher · Nov 10 2020

In the last month, we introduced QT to the world, powered the NuCypher WorkLock for CoinList, prepared for the widely anticipated eth2 mainnet launch, and published a series of deep dives into data from the Medalla testnet. Read on for details and more news from the herd.

—Mark Forscher / Head of Brand & Design

Company News

Introducing QT

1. Introducing QT

Anyone building products and services with blockchain data needs access to reliable read/write nodes. Nodes are the access points into the entire ecosystem. But developing and managing decentralized and resilient node infrastructure in-house is not a simple task. QT is designed for anyone building Web 3.0 applications today. Today our QT infrastructure processes billions of transactions per month.

Whether you’re an established company looking to free up engineering resources, or you’re a team just getting started in the blockchain space and you want to build something with secure and reliable access to these chains, QT clusters make it fast and easy to build on any of these blockchains. We’re thankful to our early QT customers who helped make this a better product than anything that exists in the ecosystem.

Joe Lallouz Joe Lallouz, CEO

Watch the recap of our QT product launch featuring Joe Lallouz (CEO), Aaron Henshaw (CTO), and Rob Christensen (Head of DevOps).

Supported protocols include: Algorand, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, Celo, Cosmos, Decred, Dogecoin, Edgeware, EOS, Ethereum, ETH Classic, eth2, Flow, Kusama, Libra, Litecoin, Mina, NEAR, Oasis, Ontology, Polkadot, Solana, Tezos, TRON, and Zcash.

Contact us to learn more about QT.

2. Bison Trails Powers CoinList + WorkLock

On October 15th, NuCypher successfully launched their mainnet. Over 2,861 CoinList users locked 147K $ETH (~$54M USD) to participate in the WorkLock and launch the network. WorkLock participation with CoinList was powered by Bison Trails. Read more.

eth2 Pioneer Program

3. Bison Trails + eth2

The eth2 mainnet launch is weeks away! Protocol Specialist Viktor Bunin’s latest eth2 update covers everything you need to know.

4. NEAR Governance: Q&A with Protocol Specialist Viktor Bunin

We asked Viktor about his role on the NEAR Validator Advisory Board, as the proposer of the criteria to move the network forward to a fully decentralized mainnet launch via community governance.

The keystone of a decentralized protocol is that it is decentralized in nature, not just in name.

Viktor Bunin Viktor Bunin, Protocol Specialist

5. Don’t miss the latest Substrate ecosystem update from Elias Simos

Protocol Specialist Elias Simos’ second Substrate update includes key developments—from core technology updates updates, to news about governance, slashings, parachains, bridges and grant activity—across the ecosystem of protocols built on Substrate.

Like any young network in Mainnet, Polkadot needs to learn to crawl before it walks and arguably October left it with a couple of scratches on its knees. However, what’s different from other networks here—and worthy of note—is the involvement of the on-chain governance process in alleviating these growing pains...

Elias Simos Elias Simos, Protocol Specialist


  • “The pace of innovation in the crypto space is unrivaled.”—Joe Lallouz, speaking at REIMAGINE 2020
  • As Oasis readies for mainnet launch, Bison Trails is proud to support the #QuestforROSE: an Oasis hackathon.
  • Listen to Aaron Henshaw’s recent discussion with Anatoly Yakovenko on the Solana podcast to learn why Aaron thinks "more Bitcoin on any network is very good for that network.”
  • Joe Lallouz discusses remote working, leadership, the ecosystem, and infrastructure on the Encrypted podcast.
  • Mara Schmiedt co-authored a whitepaper: “The Internet Bond: Digital Work Agreements in the Web3.0 Era
  • Blockchain client types have different uses within the context of a network. Learn more about the four basic client types in our detailed explainer.
  • New in iOS 14.2: Bison emoji

Join the herd. Our business development, customer success, engineering, and marketing teams are hiring!

About Bison Trails

Enterprise infrastructure to power the crypto ecosystem.

Pioneering Blockchain Infrastructure®

Bison Trails is a blockchain infrastructure platform-as-a-service (PaaS) company based in New York City. We built a platform for anyone who wants to participate in 20 new chains effortlessly.

We also make it easy for anyone building Web 3.0 applications to connect to blockchain data from 30 protocols with QT. Our goal is for the entire blockchain ecosystem to flourish by providing robust infrastructure for the pioneers of tomorrow.

In January, 2021, we announced Bison Trails will be joining Coinbase to accelerate our mission to provide easy-to-use blockchain infrastructure, now as a standalone product line as part of Coinbase. The Bison Trails platform will continue to support our customers. With Coinbase’s backing, we will enhance our infrastructure platform and make it even easier to participate in decentralized networks and build applications that connect to blockchain data. Read more.

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