The platform

The easy-to-use, secure infrastructure platform powering the world’s top custodians, exchanges, and funds.

Enterprise security

Bison Trails designs with a security-first mindset. We meet or exceed the high security standards of custodians and exchanges, and our dedicated security team ensures we are up-to-date with the latest security practices

Multi-cloud multi-region

Node clusters are built on multi-cloud foundation and able to withstand cascading failover events. Clusters are resilient across 12 regions on AWS, GCP, and Azure, employing 24/7 monitoring and dedicated support to keep your infrastructure running


Maintain control of your assets. Bison Trails works with many top-tier custodians like Coinbase Custody while also supporting your choice of custody provider, from hardware wallets to self-service solutions

Data, analytics, & management

Gain valuable insights into the the performance of your nodes and the health of networks. Scale your infrastructure from our dashboard, with new full nodes ready in minutes

Geographically distributed

Resilient multi-cloud infrastructure distributed across four continents keeps networks strong. In an unpredictable world, distributed nodes help ensure your critical systems stay online

Support & expertise

Bison Trails is trusted by customers worldwide. Our dedicated Support and Protocol teams are here for you, backed by 24/7 monitoring and industry-leading engineering response times

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A robust and secure infrastructure platform for node operators.


active participation

Engage with blockchain protocols & help build stronger networks by running your own block production, validating and block signing nodes.



Help networks remain decentralized by easily running node clusters across multiple cloud providers & regions.

Community Delegation

earn rewards

Encourage your community to delegate to your participation node clusters and earn participatory rewards: no technical experience required.


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