Run block production, validating, and signing nodes while securing blockchain networks.

Bison Trails built a platform that makes it easy for asset managers, funds, investors, exchanges, and custodians to safely participate in Proof of Stake and Proof of Authority networks. Bison Trails’ node clusters offer industry-leading availability and resiliency across 19 protocols.

Secure Private Nodes

Secure and Private

Claim tokens, provide secure and private access to blockchains, without worrying about scale, redundancy, or risks like getting slashed for double-signing.



Bison Trails' nodes strengthen networks by being geographically distributed across cloud-providers and regions around the world.



Bison Trails runs participation clusters across multiple availability zones on the multiple cloud providers. This means your nodes have near-infinite resiliency and unmatched availability.

Secure Private Nodes

Enterprise-grade Security

We provide 24/7 monitoring and support to keep your infrastructure safe with best-in-class security architecture for key management using CloudHSM and YubiHSM hardware.

Real-time data & analytics

Real-time data & analytics

Gain insights and deep knowledge about a protocol from participating in networks.



We don’t take custody of your assets so they are safe where they are.

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A robust and secure infrastructure platform for node operators.


active participation

Engage with blockchain protocols & help build stronger networks by running your own block production, validating and block signing nodes.



Help networks remain decentralized by easily running node clusters across multiple cloud providers & regions.

Community Delegation

earn rewards

Encourage your community to delegate to your participation node clusters and earn participatory rewards: no technical experience required.


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