Bison Trails is a preferred infrastructure provider for key projects and a trusted brand

We make it easy to launch participation nodes on new blockchain protocols without touching a line of code. Launch your own staking nodes.

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Delegate to our Enterprise-Grade Validators

We designed our participation infrastructure for multi-billion dollar investment funds who need enterprise-grade security and strict uptime commitments. Now you can securely stake / delegate your tokens with Bison Trails’ non-custodial public validators, offering the same enterprise-grade infrastructure we’re known for.


Launch secure node clusters to participate in blockchain protocols, from one simple interface.

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For Protocol Teams

Partner with Bison Trails to launch your blockchain network successfully.

We work closely with protocol teams, from testnet to mainnet, to help networks scale securely and remain decentralized.

Get the most participation

Make it easy for your token holders to set up their own nodes and keep your network truly decentralized.

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Public nodes, for the ecosystem

Focus on building your platform. We’ll run your community nodes for free.

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Run your testnet

Run your earliest testnet in a production environment and put your protocol design to the test.

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Or learn how to stake / delegate your tokens to Bison Trails' non-custodial public validators.


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