Query & Transact

Secure read/write infrastructure to easily access blockchain data and build robust applications on 30 protocols. Designed for companies and enterprises with high throughput, and strictest security and privacy requirements.

  • checkmark 30 protocols supported
  • checkmark No rate-limiting
  • checkmark Production ready in minutes
  • checkmark 99.9% Query & Transact Cluster uptime guarantee
  • checkmark 2.6 billion queries processed per month
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Logos of protocols supported by Bison Trails QT

Build applications with blockchain data

Anyone looking to build an application that connects to blockchain data needs access to reliable read/write infrastructure. Developing and managing resilient, decentralized node infrastructure is not easy, particularly at scale. Significant swings in usage and constantly changing network requirements can add to this burden.

Query & Transact offers high throughput, high availability, and dedicated infrastructure with enterprise-grade security.

  • checkmarkEasily connect to blockchain data
  • checkmarkScale infrastructure without rate limiting
  • checkmarkManage access to your nodes for privacy and security
  • checkmarkEasily manage your infrastructure through the blockchain’s native API
  • checkmarkAdd Indexer, sidecars or archival nodes for more advanced development and data querying needs
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Screenshot of BistonTrails' QT cluster metrics

How leading enterprises use Query & Transact

  • Banks monitor account balances, and write and track transactions to make sure they make it onto the chain
  • Exchanges settle and confirm trades
  • Wallets provide account balances
  • Data firms process terabytes of streaming and archival data across multiple protocols
  • Web 3.0 application developers access real-time blockchain data to build applications, view the history of the blockchain for trends, and build that transactional history into their product or service
  • AI and Machine Learning companies build indexes to understand trends, fraud, movement, and adoption
Diagram of offchain systems
Arrow pointing from offchain systems to Bison Trails QT
Diagram of Bison Trails QT nodes
Bison Trails
QT Nodes
Arrow pointing from blockchain networks to Bison Trails QT
Diagram of blockchain networks


The easy-to-use, secure infrastructure platform powering the world’s top custodians, exchanges, and funds.

Unlimited access

Access nodes with no rate limiting and one flat fee

Private and dedicated

Every cluster is dedicated infrastructure with single tenancy to ensure maximum privacy of your data

Production ready in minutes

Spin up new nodes in minutes or hours compared to weeks or months

Access to the blockchain's native API

Access a blockchain's native API for easier infrastructure management

Secure access management

Control access to your nodes by authorizing requests. Clusters include authenticated RPC access and IP allow-list for easy access management, and support websockets for persistent real-time connections

Redundant load balancers for uptime and security

Load balancers authenticate and manage requests to your node


Easier data querying process and faster response times (Available for select protocols)

Archival support

Access the complete picture of the state of a blockchain on a block-by-block basis for data analysis over a time horizon or detailed reporting requirements (Available for select protocols)

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Query & Transact (QT)

33 protocols, one simple interface.

Is there a protocol you’re interested in that’s not listed?

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Introducing QT. Connect to real-time blockchain data from 20+ protocols.

QT Archival nodes

We offer Archival Nodes as part of our Query & Transact offering for select protocols. Archival Nodes provide a complete record of the blockchain on a block-by-block basis, which is invaluable for companies who have detailed reporting requirements or need access to time-series data.

Now available: Diem (Libra) QT

Diem (Libra) QT

Companies and entrepreneurs that are Designated Dealers and VASPs on the Diem network can prepare for mainnet launch by building with Diem QT today.

Bison Trails Infrastructure

The Platform for Pioneering
Blockchain Infrastructure

The Bison Trails platform is fully managed and secure. Our technology platform powers critical infrastructure for the world’s leading digital asset exchanges, custodians, funds, and payment processors.

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Run secure, fully managed node clusters to participate in 20 decentralized protocols and earn participatory rewards.

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Securely stake your tokens with Bison Trails' non-custodial public validators.

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