Solana is a fast, secure, and scalable blockchain network for distributed apps, marketplaces, and enterprise applications.


Bison Trails + Solana

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The easiest way to launch and run Solana blockchain infrastructure. Read our post to learn more about why we're excited to support Solana.

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Bison Trails Cluster

Why choose to run Solana nodes on the Bison Trails Platform?

If you’re a Solana token holder, you can run your own validators or delegate to the Bison Trails validator at mainnet launch. As additional features like archiver clients and storage rent come online, Bison Trails customers will be able to run additional infrastructure to support the network and earn participatory rewards.

Bison Trails has worked with Solana for over a year, from running one of the first nodes in all testnets and incentivized testnets to deploying infrastructure on both physical hardware and in the cloud. It has been a pleasure to push the decentralized edge with them, help troubleshoot novel network failures, and give feedback on incentive design.

The Solana team sets extremely high expectations for themselves and their technology, which impacts infrastructure providers on their network. Their validators and archiver nodes require powerful machines, high bandwidth, and the very highest standards and practices. Bison Trails is thrilled to provide a platform that runs this type of enterprise-grade infrastructure and is uniquely positioned to support Solana’s token holders and network participants in running nodes.

“We’re proud to have the support of the Bison Trails team, with both teams determined to do everything we can to expand the blockchain ecosystem as a whole. At Solana, we’re developing a scaling solution for blockchains that can uniquely capitalize on improvements in hardware and bandwidth. Because of this approach, the upfront and on-going resources required to participate as a validator in the Solana network can be more demanding than other protocols. Which is why the infrastructure being developed by the Bison Trails team is critical to our network's long term success as their goal is to enable anyone to easily spin up a secure and cost-effective validator.

But it doesn’t stop at infrastructure alone, with external opportunities such as the Libra Association where Bison Trails are one of the founding members, and we at Solana being one of the first teams to integrate Libra’s Move VM." —Eric Williams, Solana Co-Founder and Chief Scientist

Delegate $SOL to our public enterprise-grade validators

Delegating $SOL now, during Solana’s warmup period, gives the stake more time to become active before inflation is enabled on the network and participants can start earning rewards.

Follow our Solana delegation guide to get started!

The Platform

Bison Trails is the simply superior enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure platform.

network orchestration


Enterprise-grade, proprietary orchestration technology allows us to dynamically adjust infrastructure, giving you the resources you need to be performant as network participation grows.

self healing cluster


Self-healing infrastructure allows us to deliver you maximum uptime, ensuring that you don’t miss out on network rewards.



Our scalable infrastructure has fine-tuned, granular resource provisioning and controls so we only charge you for what you need as the network matures.



Best in class secret management technology that handles storing and securely transporting your participation keys to your nodes.

monitor your network


Advanced metrics, monitoring and alerting gives you real-time insights into your nodes and allows us to quickly identify and resolve issues.

99.9% platform uptime guarantee. Our secure node clusters are run across multiple geographies and cloud providers.

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